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cam follower on a var sec sweep


New member
hey guys it is really easy to simulate it

kindly ignore if u have it already

build the cam and follower part files

this stays good in 2001 alone

Enter the assembly mode .Create an axis arbitrarily using the two plane option.bring the cam first.b4 giving any constraints u hav a connections button in the constraint menu itself pick it.givepin joint then align the axis of the hole in the cam with that of the axis created and any plane of the part model
with the default assm datum.
create another axis in the assembly mode by offsetting the datum plane
to the radius of the cam it should be such that the axis lies on the edge of the cam

then bring the follower align the axis of the follower with that of the newly created axis using cylinder
joint.thats is the end of connections

go to mechanism mode.give drivers to the joint axis

select the cam option choose the upper surface of the cam as cam1 surface
and the mating surface of the follower as cam2 surface thats the end of mechanism

run it

i believe it will work


tried that :)

didnt work :p

the problem is the cam connection.

when simulating it there seems to be some wierd problem as the cam
follower is never in sync with the cam. Infact sometimes it does
outrighty wierd stuff.

if its as easy as you say. is it possible for you to make it and upload the files?.


New member
Hey PuPPet,

Did you use a Ramp(a+bt) mode for both the drivers???You can use any other modetoo, depending on the follower motion you desire.The link in my past message tells you all.If not I will send the file.



yeah i can do that cam. but if u look closer u will notice that this
cam profile works slightly differentl. i will show u what i mean