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cam connection to a rotary cam


anyone have any idea why i can not create a cam connection between the
bearing surface of the vertical slider to the rotary cam?

it doesnt let me select the raised cam edges.

the cam was made using

just a vss-cut using a datam graph

any help would be appreciated.

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the slider is connected via

1) cylinder constraint. ( up and down)

2) planar constrait. ( aviod twist)

hm,m might replaces them with a slider constraint.


New member
todefine a kinematic analysis, try a slot connection but not a cam connection.offset the ratory cam edge for slot curves and make a point at center of roller for follower point.


yeah i can do that but its not a realy analysis/simulation

i prefer a cam connecttion as it works on surfaces

also i found out that when making the cam profile, its best not to use splines.

so i fixed it up with few straight lines and rounds

now i can select the surfaces and it says it works.

but the bearing surfaces is just going crazy in the air .. totalyl unconnected to the cam profile

and yes lift off is disabled