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New member

I should import some Cadds5 files to ProEwildfire2.0

I need to know some points about Cadds5 to ProE data translation.

1) Can this translation be done onlyunder Unix operating system. Cause when I look in ProE Wildfire File>Open>Type I can't see any extension of Cadds5 .

2) If you say yes to the first question, as a person who never had a chance to play with unix and Cadds5 either, is it possible then also in Linux

3)Or if there is a special point about converting Cadds5 data to ProE plesae let me know




New member
Sorry, don't know anything about it but have you read what's in Help on the subject?

I see under "About Pro/Interface for CADDS 5" a note that says; "You can use the CADDS 5 interface options only on the Silicon Graphics, Sun, or Hewlett-Packard platforms.".