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CADAM to Pro/E


New member
We currently have a very large number of files that have been created using CADAM. These files need to be usable within our Pro/E-Pro/IntraLink environment. The current process is to convert the CADAM file to a TIFF image. The TIFF is then pulled into a Pro/E drawing and then converted into a PDF. This process is very time consuming. Has anyone had a similar situation? And is there a simpler method or some type of converter that we can get?


New member
There are converters, our company converted as lot of them into Pro/E drw.....
(needed to ave update posibility)
That was a mistake, would have been better to convert and use Autocad for editing.

If you want PDF's there must be easier way to do it (we converted thousand of other types a year ago to PDF)

If you are interested I can dig out who did the cadam conversion and what they used. If they could convert into Pro/E I'm sure PDF would be too easy....