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Button for sweep protrusion on my toolbar


try :

a. tools > mapkeys, and create a new mapkey for your requirement, i believe you know how to do this.

b. then right click on a menu, top or right and commands, scroll down and choose mapkeys, there you must see the mapkey you have just created (if you do it right), drag it and drop anywhere you want, top or right. If you want another pic for your command, while you are in the commands menu, right click on the mapkey icon and choose button image.

c. do not forget to save these settings in your config.win (by default it is automatically picked at the bottom)


New member
Ok I know that like I already say - But is there any other
way to do that - I already think to solve that by mapkey - But..... I have thinkthat
maybe some other different approachfor this -I already solve this
by mapkey, but - I expect that like all other featuresevery one feature
has their icons (under customisation of screen) but some form PTC obviously
think that those icons and features isn