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Bulk Items in a BOM change find numbers


New member
We use a repeat regeon on our drawings for our parts list. Untill recently we have had no major problems. We will create the assy, then the drawing. The parts list will expand automatically. we then fix index the regeon.

The problem we seem to be having is that some bulk items change their index number upon regeneration. We use the internal parameter rpt.index for the index numbers. We are currently using version 2001. We have tried fixing indexs many times, but we are still having a problem. I would appreciate any ideas that may help us out of this problem
I've seen that problem.

I tried to figure out what causes it. But it took too much time so I had to quit.

Here is what I've seen.

1. It only happens in rather large assy/drawing. 80+ parts.

2. It only happens in a drawing with multiple (I had 8) detail views.

(When I deleted some detail views it behaved correctly.)

3. It happens when I try to plot the drawing. When I regenerate the assembly everything goes back to normal.

Work around.

I ended up printing to screen (it jumbles up) then regenerate the assembly (it goes back), print to screen, regenerate. I've repeated this a few times then it stablizes.

We tried to contact PTC with no luck.

I hope this helps a bit and when and if you find out more. please pass the information along.

Good luck.

My system manager went to the PTC technical support knowlege base and searched for the problem and came up with the following:

1) the problem seems to be caused by a bug in the software

2) the work around is to make a change to your The option open_simplified_rep_by_default is set to yes. Change this option to no

It seems to work.
We had this problem in pro/e 2001. To resolve it we just have replaced all bulk items by empty assemblies with the same names.

Wf has different format of bulk items, but we did not try it, to avoid problems.
At last, someone else who has seen this. We had this in PROE2001 but when I logged a call the PTC helpdesk couldnt recreate the problem so just like contour I banned our users from using bulk items. The problem with setting the config option is that users then forget to open large assemblies using a rep and open the master rep instead causing untold swearing and grief as they sit around waiting for a 4000 component assembly to open. We have now graduated to WF2 and have started using bulk items again withno problems so far.
On this issue, we had success by deleting the bulk item and re-assembling them.

Sounds pretty simple and strange but it seems to work.

In drawing, since ProE remembers the index number for deleted item, when re-assembled index for items are already fixed.