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New member
I want to know how to Model Bucky ball which is already there in proecentral website. I am unable to down load that one. I request you please please guide me.

thank you



New member
The Bucky ball you tried to download is an imported feature anyway. You can't determine how to build it from the file. It also has curved line segments. I thought the real Bucky Ball was made of straight line segments. Of course, when you are on an attomic scale, how can you tell?

Check out the file. It uses surfacing to create a 20 sided dice. You may be able to use something similar to create the Bucky ball.

I created a series of dice as an exercise a while ago. I started out with a sphere and added points on the surface where the corners should be. Then connected the dots with ISDX splines, 2-point splines make straight lines, all lines in one feature. Behavioral Modeling came in very handy for making the segment lengths equal. I was making surfaces, but you can use these curve segments as centerlines.

Hope this helps