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Broken views


New member
Hello all,

How do you dimension an assembly in broken view (2001)?

I got an assembly with components with parallel axes and I need to dimension the distance between these axes.

I tried to create lines (axes) and dimension between these lines; the program does not allow me to place a dimension between the three segments of the view.

The broken view does not behave like a single entity; it appears to me made out of three separate entities.

How do you guys do it?


I haven't tried this but worth a shot.

Create the dimension on regular (non broken view) then move it to broken view.



New member

Have you tried using the center option for dimensioning?

This will work if you are creating dimensions between hole features in broken views.

I don't believe that it is possible to dimension between axes.




New member
I just add datum planes where the axes are placed which allows dimensioning between the holes. Once you turn off datums in sketcher all you can see are the axes.



New member
Thanks for the answers.

There is more than the eye meets with these broken views.

I assume you can bring all the dimensions you create in part mode; this mey be the answer. I will try that way on my next project - I have too much to do before I have time to try everything.

Thanks again for the help.