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Both my Wildfire student licenses expired on 4/10/04?


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I have 2 paid for copies on laptop and desk top. One of the licenses is only 2 months old. I go an error message on both systems that my licenses have expired. Of course it had to happen on a week end so PTC and Journeys customer service are not open. My question is would having 2001 having (an earlier version student version) on both computers) have an influnce on the Wildfire versions.


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The plot thickens; a member in the UK experienced the same incident. The only thing we have in common so far is Pro/Engineer Release Wildfire 2003100 on all 3 machines.


Don't know if this is related, but the Wildfire Tryout version has a 60-day limit. After that the license will expire... This ties in with your 2 month limit.


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Monday morning at 7:30 a.m I talked to tech at Journeys End. He was swamped with emails and phone messages about the same problem. He said they are working with PTC for solution. The best he could do is take my name and phone number. It appears to be a license problem. My case is odd with the two going out at the same time and they were purchased 8 months apart. The good news is I'm not alone and have to explain my problem over and over again. If anyone has had contact with Journeys End or PTC I would be interested.


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This was posted today on the PTC/USER exploders...

-----Original Message-----

From: Campbell, Michael [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 12:43 PM

To: PTC/USER Pro-User Discussion

Subject: [pro-user] RE: Student Edition License failure

Good afternoon...

There is an issue with the originally issued version of the Pro/E

Wildfire Student Edition CD's. If you are using one of these CD's, and never requested an upgrade to the version which had the January 10th so-called timeout issue fixed, your CD likely stoppped working last Friday.

PTC is in the process of building an updated version of this CD, and will be working with Journey Education to make it available to all affected customers as soon as possible.


~ Mike

Michael M. Campbell

Vice President

Product Management, Pro/ENGINEER



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Hi guys,

I am in the same boat as u all abt the licence expiration issue. It says my CD software has expired. I hope they fix it soon.



From JourneyEd's Website:

PTC Wildfire SE Timeout Patch


Place your zero dollar order now for your free downloadable file (patch) for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Student Edition. When the file is available, you will be contacted via email with directions on how to download the file.

This apparently has been on their website for some time. I haven't used it, but you might want to give it a try.


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The sagga continues. I'll be receiving 2 of #2 CD today from Journey End. In the meantime I turned back the clock on my laptop to use that copy. It's a quick temporary fix for a stand alone computer. This club is great. In a time of crisis; usually on a Sunday night there is someone out there to talk to. Thank you everyone. It apears my problem was the tip of an iceberg.


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Received my Version 3.0 for first subscription yesterday and intstalled. It works great. I've called Journeys End and should receive second disk within a week.