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Borrowed License


New member
I am setting up Wildfire 2 on a laptop for a trip and I have a couple of questions. Is there a way of increasing the amount of time that a license can be borrowed beyond the 5 days that the license borrow feature allows? Also, is there a way to disable the "Regained floating license: you can resume working" pop up window on the laptop. Any ideas on how to migrate data from my main computer/network, to the laptop for the tirp. The main function of having the portable Wildfire is for design review, not so much for actual design and modeling.

Thank you

There was an article on this on the Knowledge base. Just actually noticed it on the Knowledge Base Alerts.

If someone can't answer, I'll dig it up.


New member
I beleive that it stated that in the license file,where it indicates 5 as thenumber of days that can be borrowed, that it may be changed to 10. It also advised you to remember that the license can not be returned early.


New member
See TPI 128654

Extending the license borrow period beyond the default 5 days in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0.

Alternate Technique
See Resolution Below.

The environment variable is:


This can be set to any number from 0 through 10 to control the number of days. This will need to be set on the local machine, allowing users to borrow up to the number of days specified by the environment variable. Setting the value to a number greater than 10 will result in the default value of 5 being used.

There are two limitations that should be noted for License Borrowing:

(1) Borrowed licenses for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 cannot be returned early. Please see TAN 125363 for additional details on this issue.

(2) Downward compatibility for Pro/ENGINEER is not possible if the "BORROW" keyword exists within the feature line. Please see TAN 125362 for additional details on this issue.


New member
Where does a guy set thisLM_BORROW_DURATION=10 variable? I tried to look under the config.pro settings, but its not there. I must be looking in the wrong place.
Do it in your (in order of my personal preference):

1) start-up batch file


2) psf file for WF


3) Windows environment (right-click 'my computer', select properties)


New member
I am also looking for "a way to disable the "Regained floating license: you can resume working" pop up window on the laptop".

On my laptop, this popup occurs once every minute! And if it happens to pop up while I am entering data into a field (like modifying a dimension) it crashes the session!

Any ideas? Has this been fixed in newer releases?


New member
I just found the solution. In your config.pro, add the line:


Note: there is a space befor the word "YES".

Hope this helps someone!