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New member
Here is what I wish to do.... I want to create a list of parts on my assembly drawing. Some would call this a Bill of Materials. I have found how to make one as a web page. I have found how to send it to Excel. What I can't find is how to put it on the drawing! Imagine a world where there was an icon that said insert BOM, you hit the icon, picked a location, and BOOM!, had a BOM!

ok... even through the bitterness... does anyone know how to create a nice, simple, QUICK, BOM?


New member
A BOM on a drawing is a table with a repeat region. I am attaching a sample table to get you started. Insert the table into your assembly drawing.


New member
Are there archives here? I think I posted this before.

1. Create a table on your drawing. As many columns as you want on the BOM, header rows, plus one row for your repeat region (this generates the BOM).

2. Add a Repeat Region to the blank row. (Table > Repeat Region > Add > Simple.)

3. Use Table > Enter Text > Report Sym to enter what information you want Pro to automatically place in your BOM, e.g.:

rpt.index for a sequential index number for the component name

asm.mbr.param_name where param_name is any user defined parameters you want to appear

rpt.qty for the quantity

4. Table > Repeat Region > Update Tables and voila!

Of course, there's a lot of customization available. Drop me a line for more details, or just look up Repeat Region in Pro Help.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries