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New member
Can anyone tell me how I can show the different levels of an assembly in the BOM?

I am trying to show the levels like the information window from INFO, MODEL, Subassembly, but output in my BOM.fmt

I have tried "%$asm_level", "%$mem_num", "%$p_root" and "%$mem_arr"
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New member
The online documentation for bom.fmt will explain how to do so, but very poorly. This is what I use.Parametersare probably different than yours, but it will give you a basic idea. There is even something wrong with the [description] formatting, but Pro still displays what I want.

ASSY %$name, %[description] contains the following:
.titles Partnumber; Type; Description; Quantity;
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
.row %$name[16d]; %$type[13s]; %[description][30d]; %$quantity[-3];

TOTAL PARTS in ASSY %$name, %[description]:
.titles Partnumber; Type; Description; Quantity;
------------------------------------------------------------ ------
.row %$name[16d]; %$type[13s]; %[description][30d]; %$quantity[-3];


New member
Thanks donha for the reply.

I guess I am looking for a listing of parameters that are being used by Pro-e for Model info output.


Is it possible to edit the Pro-e format for the Model info output like the BOM.fmt?

I am looking for the parameter that will show the indentured assembly levels.