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bom filter


Active member
To apply by rule filter to Automaic BOM one usually writes following relation

asm.mbr.type== part (to keep only parts in BOM)


asm.mbr.type== assembly (to keep only assemblies in BOM)

My question is ;I want keep only components. To further elaborate my question;

Suppose I have an assembly which has two subassemblies and three parts as components (total five components), I want my BOM to display only these 5 components.

How can I do this? There is no such default parameter as "component" instad of "part" or "assembly" .

My other question is that my BOM table has 3 decimal places e.g. 45.327

I have set my configuration option

default_decimal_places 2

but this does not work.

I am using WF 2.0 M090

Thanks for help.



New member
In 2001 I just set the repeat region attributes to "flat" instead of "recursive" to show only top level of components.

Is it different in WF2?



New member
You can create specific parameters for those parts

I alaways use the filter for the components from "commerce" orothers for example local suplliers

for the second question i think is tolerance problem;isn t?



Active member
Thanks Ankarl and Cristelino,

I will check both solutions and inform if there is some problem.



Active member

"for the second question i think is tolerance problem;isn t?"

I checked it but its not tolerance problem. Every time I have to go to

Format--->decimal place

and only then the decimal places are controlled.