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BOM Balloon Help ?


New member
I would like to make all BOM balloons in my (.asm) assy drawing the same diameter. I tried defining max_balloon_radius, min_balloon_radius, and that didn't work soI think I'm heading in the wrong direction here. Does anybody know of any easier wayto making this work ?

While were on this subject about balloons how do I attach text to the Parametric BOM Balloon that'sdefinedby a BOM Table. Here are some examples I would like to place next to the balloons: 31X, (31 PLACES), and (SEE NOTE 23).



New member
I'm in Wildfire. Make both the min and max the same size

As for as adding text before and/or after, try editing the properities of the dimension. You should see a tab for Dimension Properties and there you'll find 'prefix' and 'postfix'. Note: be sure and add spaces before or after the dimension so it looks nice on the drawing.


New member
..."attach text to the Parametric BOM Balloon"...

Edit / Group / Associate to Object, or something of the sort.


New member

Thanks guys for all your help.

I have another problem, after I've made my own Symbol by Format > Symbol > Define etc. and etc. How do I put a tail between the end of the leader and the left leader pick orgin and right leader pick orgin I would like to place a quater inch long line, see image below.

View attachment 563


New member
I attach text (and manual balloons) to my balloons by using the 'offset' option when adding notes or balloons. Then all the stuff I attach to the balloon moves with the balloon. It's kind of nice.