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BOM balloon from recursive table


New member
In Wildfire 1.0 does anyone know why when I change my BOM table from Flat to Recursive and I try to show my BOM balloons none of them show up? This worked fine in 2001. Is it a DTL setting that controls this?




New member
I can not beleive that no one else has this problem. Does anyone create assemblies with sub-assemblies in them and then in a drawing, place a view of the top level assembly, place a BOM table that shows the sub assemblies, then use repeat region->Flat/Rec Item->Recursive and select the sub assemblies so that the parts within the sub shows up in the BOM table? When I do this and then try to show my BOM balloons NOTHING shows up.

Someone please help


New member
I do this every day and i don't have any problem. Please note that we can show BOM baloons only in the Top level assembly Views(For which we have the BOM Table)and not in views of sub assembly.

Best of Luck.