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BMX for flywheel


New member
Hi guys

Can someboudy help me to balance a flywheel using bmx(Balancing of rotating masses)

under genric conditions

Thanx in advance


With the MDO module you can perform a static balance analysis.

With BMX you may be able to ensure that the mass center is on the rotational center and that the largest principle axis is alighned to the rotational axis.


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would love to solve this problem.

s_praboo, send me the exact problem and I will do it.



wowa, this is a old thread.

i came across a artical saying that to acheive this "balance a flywheel" one needed to put the COG into the center of the axis of rotation. (AOR)

if this is the case it would be a matter of finding the cog.
analysis feature with a distance to the "AOR" (x direction)
analysis feature with a distance to the "AOR" (y direction)

create a balancing feature, preferably in the opposing side of the cog.

run a optimzation to adjust the "balancing feature" to get dist-X, and dist-Y to = 0

btw if i am arong about placing the cog on the aor. then this entire thing is wrong :)
Hi, Guys,

This is a old question asked, i have asked people to mail me if they were interensted to have a tutorial based on the mentioned topic.

I am not able to upload it , if you people can tell me the way i can.

in the mean time if any body is interested do let me know.

I have actually used it for balencing a fly-wheel, it works realy well.

I got this tutor form ptc site.


New member

Using analysis option create a point at the cg of the flywheel,then create an alalysis to calculate the distance b/w the center axis and the cg point.in optimisation specify the criteria that the distance b/w the center axis and the cg should be zero and select the dim which can vary in limits. run the analysis U GOT THE DESIGN its as simple as that.mail me if u have any doubts.


Deepak Bhat


Kinetix Engineering & Consultation
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howwould you also minimize the mass while retaining a balanced flywheel? or minimize the mass for the max inertia for a balanced flywheel?




Yup. Constrain the imbalance to an acceptable small (abs) value and minimize mass. To achieve the maximum inertia and the minimum mass simultaneously, you would have to create a new function that is mass/inertia and minimize that function. Fun stuff.

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New member

I feel Deepak bhat is saying rite. It only possible with analysis feature. After analyasis feture we need to go enter in optimize the things.

hopefully you will reach your requirement.

Gopal Kulkarni


New member
I agree with coseng.

as long as the flywheel is a revolved featre!!! its cg lies along the revolution axis. even if you have a ribbed construction andribs equally placed the cog lies along the axis of rotation and any one axis perpendicular to that, no doubt in it.

I think you wish to minimize the mass or weight for the required MOI. as we know MOI is directly proportional to mass and square of radius( distance of CG of section from axis) I=(mr^2)/2you may consider moving the bulk towards the perifery of the flywheel. you are constrained with OD, width and mass I assume.


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According to my knowledge, by design all the flywheels will be balanced. Balancing needs only after manufacturing or after machining when the actual part deviate from the designed dimensions and eccentricity exist. So I think it is not in the scope! Since parts will be accurate in CAD.

However please follow this link about balancing of rotating masses in BMX: http://www.ptc.com/cs/cs_26/howto/beh11947/beh11947.htm<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />