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Bioengineering and Proe


New member
I was wondering if there are any of you out there in the bioengineering field using proe. I'm just starting grad school and would love to ask you a few questions.




hey, there

i find it best if u ask the question and see if anyone answers it. you will find people on this forum are very friendly and smart.


New member
I have two questions:

1) Bioengineering is a very broad field; which specific disciplines within bioengineering yield the highest salaries? (i.e. cardiovascular, biomechanics, orthopedics, etc.)

2) Which specific bioengineering fields commonly utilize CAD software?

Thanks for you time,


Luis Aguirre

New member

Any bioengineering company that manufactures mechanical tools or electronic equipment will have some type of CAD system to design their prototypes and final products. As far a which Bio sector generates the highest salaries all of them do. However, salaries depend in a lots of factors besides the industry like skill set which include using the CAD system and years of experience designing specific producs gear for their market. Finally, regardless of what industry you work for remember that you will not get what you deserve but what you negotiate during the hiring process.