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Beta 2.0 Error Message


New member
I dowmloaded and installed Wildfire 2.0 Beta. When I tried to run it I got this error: The procedure entry point GetLongPathNameA could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

I called PTC support. They said there were problems with the download and sent me the CD. I installed from the CD and get the same error. Any ideas?

WinNT 4.0

Dell Precision 420

Wildfire 2003400



New member
hi cadsculptor....

I think you problem is on your OS...WF 2 Beta not support on only support on Win 2000 and XP...if you have the CD you can look at CD cover only support on Win2000 & XP....please try on Win2000 or XP...I have the same problem with you but when I change OS the problem is gone.