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Best way to create core pins from volume


New member
What steps does it take to split the core pins from a mold half? I already created a Main P/L Surface and split the mold into A and B halves. I am having trouble spliting the core pins from the B half now.


New member
You could create them as mold volumes and split them that way but what I do is I created a single part and made a family table of all the core pins we use along with .015 clearance around the pin, I have them assy'd to datum points in my startup mud frames I use, if i don't use them then I delete them

When I want to use different pins I somply replace them. Once I have everything set I do an assy cutout using the core pins and your done, works excellent.



New member
Make sure you have your core pin volume capturing evrything you'd like it to capture, and do a one volume split, choosing first the mold half that your cor pin is being split out of, then pick your core pin volume as the splitting surface. You'll have to designate a name afterwards forthe core pinsplit. Hope this helps!


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New member
I will not be in Islambad. I would like it if you can send me the video on mold design . Thank you very much. Tesla77