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Best Practices for a "Twist" feature for Manufacturing


New member
Good Morning All,

I am looking for a best practices solution to producing a four axis milling cut on a vertical mill using an a-axis rotation (the a-axis rotates about the x-axis).

The problem is that I am not sure if a blend or a variable section sweep is better than the other as far as getting the best output to the cl data file. If one is better that the other, what are the suggested parameters and options that should be set?



New member

I believe that it doesn't make any difference in how the feature was created, as long as the desired results are accomplished.

When in manufacturing, create a NC sequence by selecting "surface mill" with the "4 axis" attribute. You will need to select a plane to keep the tool axis parrellel to, probably in your case, the X datum plane.

To control the axis pivoting motion, set parameters to keep the tip "normal" to the surface and select any cylinder surface that has the axis in-line with you A axis. You can create a "revolved" surface that does this prior to creating the NC sequence.


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