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best place to purchase proE


New member
I have about 15 years of experience with Catia but I am wanting to
transition to proE. Ihave been using the free prodesktop 2001 version
but now I want to purchase the next level up (exactly what proE
marketing hoped for when they passed out the free version). Can anyone
educate me on the latest software, expected cost, and a retailer?

Thanks much


New member
Do a little shopping around. I've read (yeah, I know) of people that swear they got Foundation Advantage for about 3500 US.

Something you might want to consider; PTC recently offered a Foundation + ISDX for Foundation price deal. Current deal is with Mechanica Stress. What I really am wondering is if they'll offer a good deal on Mechanism Dynamics after the Mechanica deal times out. (That might get my ears up.


Beware of "good deals" from PTC. They will typically want annual maintenance (15%) on the full list price so be sure to negotiate the maintenance at the same time as the purchase.