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bent corner problems


New member
I'm working/experimenting on a part as shown in the image. One side of the part is a flat wall, the other is rounded. Now I want to create bent extruded walls at each edge, but I can't select the edge pointed at by the arrow. I get the error message Invalid Edge. Select again, or in some cases Adjecent surfaces must be planar.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Or should I have set this part up completely different?


New member

From a first look at the image, I am guessing that rather than an EXTRUDED wall, try creating a SWEPT wall instead.



New member
I tried SWEPT too (forgot to mention it though) and that's what summons the Invalid edge error. The Adjecent surfaces error happens when trying an EXTRUDED wall.

Should I have made the part in normal modelling and then transfer it to sheetmetal ??



New member
Pick the edge face rather than the curved face or make the curved wall last. It may just be a matter of what order you make the walls. Another option is to make more walls with an extruded wall and bend the middle one with a UDF. With what you have now you won't be able to do a normal unbend anyway.



New member
How did you manage to get the first non stright bend?

Sheetmetal only allows bending features which can be done on bending machines.

A solution could be to do the round wall first stright and make a form feature afterwards. The easiest way would be to model it solid and make a shell.