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bend solid


New member

how to do bend solid.. fatten curves option is working.. but not able to understand about bend solid..

can u you give me an example.


New member
Sorry, I'm only familiar with the Spinal Bend. I've not used the Solid Bend feature that you're referencing. I think I've tried to use it but with no success. Try serching this forum for 'solid bend'.


New member
Bend Solid is used to deform solid geometry to match a bent surface. You have to create a flatten quiltfeature and a solid to bend before you can create a bend solid feature.

If the bending of the material forces it to overlap itself in the bent state, the feature fails. This is probably the most frustrating limitation of the feature. As an example, try creating a thicken feature of the flattened quilt and bend it.

The flatten curves behaves in the opposite manner of the bend solid. Flatten curves will deform a series of bent curves to match a flattened quilt. This feature appears to be more robust than the bend solid.

If this feature doesn't work for you, try the warp feature. It is becoming quite useful as more warping techniques are being added.

Good Luck.