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Bend a Solid model


New member
HI Fellow modelers, :>)

I could use your help or suggestions on bending a solid model.

Here is a blade section, I would like to bend it 90 deg at some distance from the tip and with a .457 rad. Sheet metal tells me it cannot convert to sheet metal. What would be the fastest way to bend the part? Or do I have to sweep the shape and start all over again. I would like to just save the model as a bent blade or family table with multi bend lenghts.

Can Pro/E Wildfire use make flexible for this application?

Thanks People,


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I agree with Nose Bleed. Spinal Bend is easy to use, and has alot of control over the results. I have a part with a spinal bend I can email you if you want to see how to use it. I can't figure out how to attach it to this post.
gggggg Your too funny. You can do a spinal bend but not attachn a post when in big red letters and an arrow it says click here to upload. Of course the file size needs to be small.

I thank you all for the info and I am trying spinal bend but the help section on this is vague.. I am doing it.

Any ideas on why sheetmetal did not convert the solid? The error said it could not convert the solid model. I picked the top surface as the driving surface.

Thank you nose bleed as well. Any examples on ProEcentral?
I have yet to find a use for sheet metal - besides slitting my wrists with it...

Insert>advanced>spinal bend> then follow the screen prompts...
10g's -- After you post a message, you will see a paperclip icon in the upper right corner of your post. Click it and you will be able to attach a .zip file to that post. You can only attach a file if you are the last person to have posted a message. Hope this helps.
O.K. Now that everyone has made me look stupid here is the model I was refering to.

Thanks fellas, I'm going to cry for an hour.


You couldn't convert it to sheetmetal because you have some geometry in the part that is not constant thickness. That V notch in the far end is stopping you for sure, I can't tell if there is anything else. You can probably insert the sheetmetal feature before the V notch and it will work. You can have all kind of features that are not constant thickness (chamfers, etc.) but they have to come after the sheetmetal conversion.