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Hello, i am a fresh graduated Mechanical Engineer, and i would like to learn solidworks better, i only done some tutorials until now, but i don`t have the knowledge to design something by myself. My area of study was Thermal Machines and Equipments. If anyone here can help me with some 2d sketches of some parts or something more advanced than tutorials and i`ll make them 3d and send back to them, i would be greatfull. Or maybe someone here can "hire" me for free to make some 3d parts if they provide me the 2d sketch i can also accept that since i want to learn the software. Thank you in advance.

Step 1. Buy a set of calipers.

Step 2. Look around your apartment for simple things. Measure them, and model them. Then as you conquer the simple things move up to the more challenging shapes that you see. Work your way up to more complex assemblies.

Step 3. You will get better.

This is what every single one of us on here did, and is the cheapest quickest way to become better. Practice, practice, practice.

Bine-ai venit, amice ! Bafta !

This was in Romanian language.

In English is:
Welcome my friend ! Good luck !

Start as Jimshaw say. But move quicly to your interest zone.
As example my interest zone was metal sheet and, at the begining, I try to learn that.
I think that no one (including the SW programmators) know ALL SW capabilities.

Again, GOOD LUCK !
What is your problem ? You googled for WHAT ? Where is the "grafic problem" ?
I think you forget to post this problem.
Hi! You can always prepare some designs based on contests in sites such as CADCrowd and such. You submit your ideas for free, but can potentially earn a money comission if the design is chosen.

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