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Basic Training for Pro-E


New member
Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go to find Basic Pro-E Training? I am looking for actual training not just a cd-rom or book and video.


New member
Hi Max,

Im not sure about the US, but in UK any pro/e training is very expensive ( even the basics ).. We would normally approach a certified reseller for ptc, but for basics i recommend ptc's tutorials, some of which are free to download.



New member
I suggest DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION. Of course I am biased since I am one of the trainers. We are geared at incrased pay thru learned tools, getting people better jobs and the simple thrill of learning. Wegenerate all of our own training materials and they are all online in HTML format. We have the WIA federal grant in the States and simular grants in other countries but that takes to long to sign yourself up. Our strength too is we are focused on training not software sales.

If you are not in the states, we also have offices in Munich, Toronto, London and soon to be Dubai in the UAE.

Bart Brejcha