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Balloons for Bulk Items?


New member
I am woking in an assembly, and I have several components that do not exist in Pro (they are part of the Autocad legacy files). I created bulk items, so that these items could be transferred out of Pro to build the bill of materials. So far so good. I want to point to the general location of these items within my ass'y, so I created a custom

balloon and added it to a palette.

My questions are as follows: How to get the radial placement option for leaders activated (it appears grayed out and is not active for selection)? My primary question is, is there a way to include BOM table info (associative) in the BOM balloon? My ballons consist of item number on top and qty on the bottom. I would like both to be associative so as to be kept current as BOM changes occur.
I don't think you can drive custom balloon information with bulk item.

I have a symbol created for this case.

Give me your email I'll send it to you.

BTW, I'm using 2001.



New member
I believe in the creation of your custom balloon you need to have a 2-d item in your symbol. Turn on the grid and sketch a small line or point. after doing that make one side of the 2-d line or point the attachment point for the leader left/right. Will you send me a copy of the symbol you created for bulk items? I would like to use it also!!