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Bad area turning sequence


New member
I've got an area turning sequence that seems to want to gouge the part on the

first cut no matter how I set it up. I'm using a round insert tool with a

0.118 rad and the first cut feeds down as if there were no rad. The

control point in the software is the center of the tool. The machine is

set up correctly for this. On the first cut the tool goes to Z-.030

instead of 0.118-0.030. All other cuts seem to be as they should be

(relative to each other). When I say it gouges the part, its not actually

gouging the ref model, its just cutting too deep on the first cut. I hope

that makes sense.

I've tried changing about every parameter I can find and I've checked the

tool setup. Its kinda weird how I had to define the tool because of its

geometry and pro's horrible lathe tool parametric models. This tool setup

has worked in the past. The parameters are:

Length: 5

Tool Width: 0.25

Nose Rad: 0.118

Side Angle: 90.5

End Angle: 89.7

Side Width: 0.15




New member
You might need to check your accuracy. I run into issues where the accuracy will jack the toolpath. I set it to 0.0001 usually. Maybe post your parameters here. Sometimes you can overlook something 10 times. Hope that helps.