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Automatizing: Change a param. in WF2.0


New member
Assume that the WF2.0 model (part or assembly)has the YES/NO parameter "TRIGGER"and it's set to 'NO'

Is it possible to create a mapkey that will do the following ?
Changing that parameter 'TRIGGER" to 'YES'

When I create such mapkey in WF2.0 no problem, however.... when I take a closer look to the code of that mapkey it comes up with selecting a certain row number ?!? What I want is a mapkey that directly change the paramter "TRIGGER" to 'YES" without referring to a rownumber....
The problem that happens when a different part has it's parameter "TRIGGER"on a different row (because that object has more parameters before the parameter "TRIGGER" was created) the mapkeydoesn't work for that particular object.....

I've already tried to create the mapkey from within ProE2001 and loaded into WF2.0..... without any succes.

Kind regards,
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New member
Set config.pro option


Before you record the mapkey and also before you run the mapkey. I have made a mapkey that set this option and another that unset this.

Use the 2 mapkeys from the mapkey that you would like to use for changing parameter.

You will find same problem about relations.


New member
OK, thanks jnoval.

I tought/hoped that there was another way around for that particular problem.
However your solution gives me the wanted result.


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New member
Nice to help.

If you load/unload the option from a mapkey then the user will not notice ant change in userinterface.