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New member
Just wondering if any of you are taking advantage of automation in nc model creation. I am looking for anyone who might be doing the following:
<LI>Sequence patterning</LI>
<LI>Subroutine usage</LI>
<LI>NC Start Models</LI>
<LI>creating frequently used tool paths from MUDF's</LI>
<LI>generating parameter/tool info from external databases</LI>[/list]

Any examples of how you are doing this would be helpful for the group. Thanks,


New member

We use Pro/NC extensively, almost exclusively 3 & 4 axis milling. Multiple workpieces are the norm, so almost every program has subroutines - but we don't pattern sequences.

We do use NC start models, but only a few and they just have the basic features (default planes, 4 csys's at 0,90,180,270). Some of the default parameters are set, such as CUTCOM ON and RETRACT_FEED set to 0. No tools are preloaded.

We use solid tool assemblies from a library we created (everything is stored in Intralink, by the way). The speeds/feeds database is a work in progress - and probably always will be! I've never seen a manufacturer's milling speed/feeds that worked in 'real life' though holemaking speeds/feeds seem to be fairly close.

We don't have any UDFs but after watching Francois' tutorial on the new autodrill functionality in 2.0 I may create some (they're required for it). It is available on the Pro/Collaborate site.

Peter Brown


New member

generating parameter/tool info from external databases

I have found using Visual Basic a very useful tool for this

It's pretty easy to code and customize for your specific needs.

Compile it to a exe, Put a shortcut on quick launch and it's always there when you want it.