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Automatic BOM Baloons (no quantity) without a Table - HOW ?


New member
Producing Automatic BOM Baloons (no quantity) without a BOM Table on the drawing looks like hard work to me. In other words a manual excercise and I am fed up with typing !

But my client wants to display BOM Baloons (without quantities ) and with no I thought I would simply blank the layer with the table on it. But no that is still too easy as he uses software to translate drawing into another format.

Two more problems I face :-

1) How to merge baloons together if I dont use quantities ?

2) Change BOM Baloon type removes all baloons and you have to redo them all (tried merging and getting drawing right with quantity baloons but cnnot change baloon type without losing work)

Any ideas or PTC modules to solve all my problems ?

Thanks in advance for your help


New member
If I don't need the table I move it out from the drawing so it won't be seen on the print. If you convert the drawing in another format, convert it and than delete the table. About ballons, first select the type you want (with or without quantities) and after that show them. If Pro/E doesn't have the type of ballon you need, create it.


New member

Looking at the following problem :-

1) How to merge baloons together if I dont use quantities ?

Unless I am missing something (very likely!) I cannot place a series of baloons next to each other. When the baloon type is a simple one with no quantity's, you cannot automatically merge (because no quantities exist).

Example of Asembly with many bolted flanges (when drawing contains many flanges of M12/M16/M6). You want to help production by placing the 3 nut/bolt/washer baloons together on one arrow for say M12 size (for clarity on drawing). Then do the same for other size fasteners.




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