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autocad alternative - intellicad


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<DIV id=post_message_224845>personally, i haven't used autocad for a long time. currently, my friend asked me to recommend one good autocad alternative to him.

i think most of the alternative softwares are using the same kernel/technology (intellicad), but just their interfaces are a little bit different. Am i right? is CMS intellicad good to use? it seems to be the cheapest one, much cheaper than Progecad & Bricscad.

if there is no big difference in technology, should i choose the cheapest one? please advise

thanks in advance!</DIV>
<DIV>(sorry i cannot find autocad forum here, just hope other users can help)</DIV>
<DIV>Dickson Sham</DIV>


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I guess it matters your application, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectual. Most of the time, most can do all but not very well, it's best to run with the big dogs that do what you need to do well. Of coarse, things to consider are maintenance fees, learning curve, location to learning (training) etc. Hope this helps.

good luck,


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DWGEditor is basically Intellicad with a SolidWorks logo. You can judge Intellicad by how DWGEditor is working for you. I my experience, it works pretty well and almost (not quite) the same as AutoCAD. If you're in to customizing menus, programming hotkeys and such I can't help you much, but you can do it ... it's not quite the same as AutoCAD.

Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton
Charlotte, NC


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ActCAD: The Best Feature rich CAD Alternative

IntelliCAD has been providing CAD solutions at affordable prices since years and has formed the largest member product base in CAD Industry. Its members are having really great CAD Software which eases your CAD designs as well as minimizes the designing and production cost. ActCAD has been the active member for IntelliCAD and has also been very sincere in bringing out the latest version at the earliest. It has the similar interface, commands and features as that of other CAD Software with many Add on features. It has also got its unique Self License Transfer mechanism which allows the user to float their license alon with them wherever they travel all round the globe or transfer Licenses from as many PCs.

Providing a Trial link for ActCAD 2018 Professional/Standard: https://actcad.com/download-actcad-intellicad-software.php?esa=coHyT1YLa9AlBncIXRe_WGf_tJf_AOVMv_wouafP-BU
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