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Attention Indian companies


New member
HI sorry for contacting in this manner.

Iam a indian in chennai loking for a good job in proe

Any intrested companies mail me [email protected]

I have been working for LUCAS TVS.

Any good job with desent pay plz mail me


New member

i don't think HR Manager of any company reads this forum

you have to search out yourself on the net

like JOB option in this site itself

Nose Bleed

New member
I'm almost certain that you will have to re-locate.

... This may sound weird, but the majority of the U.S. Gov, has moved to exclusively using Pro/E as their design software. If you don't mind going through a background check... It might prove to be a good career (?)


New member
i dont mind relocating can u send me a offer letter so that i can come and join there iam attaching my cv here if any one finds it help full for your company plz let meknow it.