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ATI fire GL8800

Uni Phil

New member
Any one running WF on this card and finding that when they open up WF it pans across 1 1/2 screens, and once maximised into one window you have to still adjust the menu tree and the bottom part of the model window.

Well this is whats happening to me. I can't get hydravision to work properly either.

If anyones found a way around it, please let me know.


P.S yes i have downloaded the latest drivers and hydravision


New member
I thought ptc posted probs with the ATI brand cards... Im sure of it, there is a conflict between pro/e and ATI cards...

Uni Phil

New member
It's funny you say that, because I did see something about it, but I think that was for the radeons etc, the fire gl's are still certified though (certain types) and the last time I checked the 8800 was still certified. In which case I would assume these were alright

Who knows eh