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Async Message Files in Jlink


New member
Hi everyonne,

Ive been trying to get proe (WF1) to dissplay messages for a while now and cant seem to get it working. Afeter tryingseveral diffenet text files with the message in and several different locations it still does not want to work. The only way I can display a message is to use one of the message files that came with Proe.

Can anyone help.
Is it true that message files have to be loaded at startup?

if so do i have to use the pfcAsyncConnection.AsyncConnection_Start function? (already tried this several times).

If i do have to use the start function why does the AsyncConnection_Connect function take the text path as an input?

whats the difference between UIDisplayLocalizedMessage and UIDisplayMessage.

Thanks for the help.
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New member
I know 2ways of showingmessages to User, the first is a simple messagebox. An example can be found in the J-link Directory (eg. jlink\jlink_appls\jlink_param)

private static void msgBox (String msg)
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (new java.awt.Frame (),
title + " Error",

The other way is to give a message to the user in the message field with the command you mentioned. with session.UIDisplayMessage("textfile.txt","ParName",null) . Things you need to check:

1. is the "textfile.txt in the txt directory you mentioned in the protk.dat eg. "text_dir C:\test\text"

2. is this dir named text

3. Does the "ParName" contain any spaces? ==> see help

that is all what is coming up, I hope this helps

best regards