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Asus Turion


New member
I`m looking for a low cost laptop to run Wildfire 2. I`ve seen two different configurations.
Asus A6K-Q003H
AMD Turion 64 MT +
512 Mb Ram
nVidia Geforce 6200 256 Mb
Acer Aspire 1522 Wlmi
AMD 64 3000+
512 Mb Ram
nVidia Geforce 5700 64 Mb
Does anybody Know something about them?
Referring to the graphic cards wich one is better for CAD?


New member
By looking at the specs you provide I'd say the Asus machine has a better combination of hardware. The video cards are both gaming cards so don't expect high end performance on large assemblies but the GeForce 6200 should give you far better performance. RAM is ok for both.