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Associted dimension in notes.


New member
Hi all

How can I add associted dimension in drawing notes so that if I change model It should reflect in notes.

I tried with &d4 which is dimension id but it is showing &d4 only instead of the actual dimesion .

Can any body help me??



New member
Is it a shown or created dimension? a created dimension would have the parameter value &add4.

When you specify a dimension in a note, it gets removed from the drawing view; probably not what you want. To get around this, specify a relation in the part like


Then use &value parameter in the note


New member
This is supplemental to bem's answer.

As 'bem' pointed out when you use any dimension in the note,it gets disappeared from the screen(don't know why?).

To have both the dimension and the note use this workaround..

Create the note twice and then delete the first one

Hope this helps