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Assigning Mass Props


New member
Is there anyway to assign a mass directly to a part. I have assigned mass properites in set up and the only way that I can see specifying a mass is to adjust the density to get a desired mass given the volume of the part.

For example, I have an intricate battery assembly. Instead of drawing all components to their proper spec, for our purposes, I would rather create a solid assembly and specify the mass and center of gravity.


New member
Don't know if this helps, but Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire has reported mass properties and alternate mass properties. Reported are calculated by Pro/E. Alternate are entered by the user. They have different parameter names so if you wanted to assign weight, you could assign it to pro_mp_alt_mass. If you want to assign the center of mass, there are three parameters (pro_mp_alt_cogx, pro_mp_alt_cogy, pro_mp_alt_cogz) that could be used to drive the location of an offset coordinate system.

I have no idea if these exist in 2001.


New member
Go to Menu Manager:

Then under setup you can select Mass Properties. For individual parts you and also choose matrial and assign, delt or edit matrial properties.

Hope that helped.


New member
I met the same situation.

There was a need to put the weight of the part into a model. The point
was there was no material known and know info about its
specification(no density, no young modul tec.). Only the weight of real
model was known.

The second important point was to calculate this mass in assembly and
show it on drawing(my firm use its own standard parameters and relation
for models, assemblies and drawings).

The third important thing was to not creating new material.

Puting value by hand in Edit>Setup>Mass Properties did not fix the problem because assembly did not take care of this value. It only worked in single model.

The best solution I found out was to wrote a relation in each model:

mass_density="weight of real model"/"volume of model"

Well, that is all. You have take in mind that volume of model is taken
for the model iteration which represants the real model weigth. And it
should be a value not a parameter mp_volume!

Little complecated? Maybe, but it works.


New member
does the relation mass_density="weight of real model"/"volume of model"

actually work I tried it but it is giving eror


New member
The relation previously posted was close...but here's what I use.


"Actual_Weight" will be your parameter for the known weight of the part. Make sure you regenerate a couple times before it can recognize the relation. And like muadib3d said...this weight will also be recognized in the assembly too.