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New member
hi, i am facing a problem. iam working in an assembly file which someone else has made.when i am trying to open it is saying component missing!! i dont know in which folder that component was created and saved. i heard that there is some settings in config.pro. if some one can help me out it will be great.

thanks for replying



New member
Are u working on intralink? If yes just check on the dependencies as "all"..it'll automatically take all the parts and subassemblies and the final assy would regenerate..


New member
If you are on intralink find the main assemby in common space go to check out hit the pull down taband then hitrequired. Then uncheck Instants, and hit update. If the part is still in file it should appear in the check-out list.


New member
If you are not using Intralink and have not specified the path of the missing part/parts either in config.pro or search.pro.

The only way you can solve this problem is by noting the missing component name doing a search on the explorer and then setting the search path in config.pro or search.pro.



an option in config pro that is usefull in such case is :search_path, and browse the system to the path you want in order everytime the software to search to this path too for missing components

but this option works if you already know these paths

if you want to know the whole structure of your assembly, subassemblies, parts and form which directory the come from i would be able to help you if you write me which version of proe you work and if you have AAX licence or not