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Assembly Regen


New member
Hi there,

Is there a way for one to freeze a model at a certain stage, or with
config pro is there a way to stop the assembly regening parts when
opening the assembly.?

WIN2000 2gig RAM Wildfire 2.0

Problem: Model A is up to say 400 features as a standalone model.

When opening the assembly in which this model resides the assembly
insists on regen'ing the parts, and will regen Model A (along with
other models). The problem we have is that in this auto regen in
assembly, model A will fail at say feature 100 out of 400, during which

1. Clip Suppress: the assembly re-evaluates this but it doesnt clip
suppress Model A. we get into an endless loop from which I can only do
a taskmanager crash.

2. Try again but I redefine this feature, say a fillet a 2.5mm and
change it to 1.5mm (which works). Then the assembly regens and is ok,
but the fillet is 2.5mm and not 1.5mm. (!).

3. Try completely again by opening part first and doing insert mode to
say feature 99 (before failure fillet), Open assembly, which opens ok.
Then inch Model A forward feature by feature, and for good measure
regen it in assembly mode. The Model A will fail at an earlier feature
(say a style feature 50) at 11am but at 12am it will be ok and only
fail at fillet. It seems in comprehensible.

Any thoughts are welcome.




New member
Well I heaved similarly problem. Like you when I opened assm, it starts to regenerate and then particular part has fail at particular feature. This happened when I have family table of this part, and some of relations of dimensionswere writ in assembly. I havened find out hove to stop automatically regeneration, but what solved my problem was to remodel this problematic part. I have notice also that the instances which aren't assembled in assm, were also regenerated in retrieval of assembly, probably because of relations in other subassembly. My guess is that some of dimensions are somewhere related to something in two places, and when it goes in session then Pro/E becomes confused and don't know what to do, it's something like twilight zone


New member
If you pick on the red stop sign in the lower right corner of the Pro window, it will cease and desist with the regen. Also- if you have a time with a particular fillet (in this instance) you COULD make it the size that pro decides is legitimate, and place a 3D not indicating its PROPER size, and in the drawing show that note rather than placing/showing a dimension..kind of autcad-hoopey, but sometimes Pro just decides it doesnt want to allow specific geometry to be created. Hope that helps. JBR