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assembly process animation


New member
hi friends,

iam doing a project on modeling of a large assembly with around 400 parts of which around 150 are moving parts....within this assembly, there are quite a few subassemblies also.......

Can anybody please tell me how to animate the sequence of assembling parts within a subassembly and also to animate the sequence of assembling parts and subassemblies in the Main assembly .

i want to make it clear that im not talking about the animation of the motion or the mechanism part of it.....it is the animation of the assembly process that i need to know......if anyone has any knowledge about this, please share your ideas with me...or else if any good tutorials are available, plz send it to me.....

waiting for ur response




New member
I suggest you use design animation. Start with a completely built (packaged)assembly. Take a snapshot. Pull a part off. Take a snapshot. Repeat. Design animation interpolates motion between snapshots, so you see the parts moving.

Basically the idea to unbuild the assembly. When you're done,record the video in reverse. Even with 400 parts, you can make the video very quickly, about 1 hour of work.

You can also move the camera angle, zoom in, zoom out, photrender. It can be fun.Evenadd music in the background.
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New member
Hi luca and natewebb,

thanx a lot for the info....i'll get back to you in case of any doubts in between....

with warm regards



New member
anishjm, i am doing a similar job, to assemble and disassemble a big assy. I have found very useful the body-lock feature that allows you to move, for example, a whole subassembly at once and then those parts separately.