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assembly familly tables and repeat region


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I am trying to create a BOM for an assembly that contains a familly table with a few instances. I can't figure out how to create the repeat regions for the table, nor exactly what text parameters go into the fields to correctly show thefamily table. I do know how to create therepeat regionsfor simple assemblies with no fam. tables. I need to show item no (same for all instaces), description (same for all instances) part number (different depending on instance) and qty (for each part number). It's easy enough to fake the table and just enter text, but I want to make proper repeat regions. Can anyone offer help??

Thanks in advance,



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In the top right of this page there is a sectionthat saidarticles. this section will help you how to format you own table. if you need help in how establish relations just reply this message and i'll will help you.

good luck:

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Thanks for that. I have read the articles, but they do not address the problem. I am fully confident in creating repeat regions and relations for single instance assemblies. My current difficulty is with multi-instance assemblies. I am not sure how to represent the assembly family table data.

Can you, or anyone,shedlight on this?




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I'm not sure what kind problems your encounting, but some time agomy purchase data table was looking weird when a try to addvolume, mass prop.,surface area,etc. to the main asm. table,i was getting results only for the parts that were in the main assembly and no were else. So i created drawing sheet for the each S.A. with the table then i add overlay to the main asm. After completting my overlays then a created the my main asm. table.Then again this could be totally deferent subject.


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I do not think there is some direct method of doing this. Pro/report can not refer to data in other instances. We used to create extra columns in theBOM tableand enter the variations manually in.

You may create different BOM tables for different instances, adding them to drawing as separately. I guess there is no way to integrate them.