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Assembly Crashes on loading


New member
All - We have an assembly that is crashing when it loads. We recently converted to Wildfire 2.0 from 2001 (This assembly was originally a Wildfire 1 assembly) and all of a sudden this assembly is crashing. We were thinking it's because some of our standard parts were saved in WF 2 but that no longer seems to be the case as we've rolled those parts back to the original version.

I'm sure some of you have seen Pro blow back to the desktop when loading a part/assy -

1 - how do you go about fixing this?
2 - What are some steps we can take to trouble shoot this?

We've checked the std.out and trail files and they are rather useless.. it doesn't spit back an error message at all.. just simply blows to the desktop. Also, we've tried many different builds of WF 2... M040, M060, M070, M080 (where we are now).. it's all the same.



New member
The trail file is all you have. It usually listseach component as it loads, along with the regen status. The last line may say "regenerating model BR549. Then the issue is with that part. Either way the last line is the last thing pro/e was doing before it vaporized.