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Assembly Contact Regions


New member
I am trying to use contact regions in an assembly to get a more
accurate simulation of the loading of my part. It seems that
Mechanica is adding the automatic rigid connections to the parts and
meshing them as one big volume, thus destroying the contact surfaces
and producing an error. Is there some way to disable the
automatic joining of separate (but close/touching) bodies? Thanks.



New member
I dont have a full explanation to you but I've had some troubles with contact regions as well.

I've noticed if the gaps are zero or very small its difficult to get the regions correct.
Sometimes I have to increase the gaps and if necesssary compensate with temperature loads to decrease the gaps during simulation.
(similar technique as when simulating pre-load of fasteners)

Hopefully someone with more experience also replies to this


Luis Aguirre

New member

In order to prevent Pro/E from fussing the two parts together in WF 2.0 and WF 1.0 there is a new connection called "FREE" under the inteface option. Assign theFREE connection to eachpair of surfaces thatare in contact but that do not needto be merged during AUTOGEM. This functionality is only available in WF, therefore, if you are using an earlier version ofPROE the previous techniques describe by Anders are valid.

Edited by: Luis Aguirre