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Assembly BOM


New member
How to get the BOM of an assembly with the data like model name, quantity, weight and value of the parameters description and material. The data should be written to an output file.

I don't intend to create a drawing so no question about creating the repeat region.

I also don't see any direct function in toolkit to get the BOM.


New member
YES - There is NO direct function for this. It can be complicated if you are not very in the know about Pro/E modeling structures. To save your self a lot of time and money, you might consider the following products:

p-BOM or p-AdvancedBOM does this very well and is inexpensive.

p-BOM - Exports to CSV & MS-Excel DIRECTLY from Pro/E Assembly Structure, and you can customize the output parameters and formatting.

p-AdvancedBOM - does the same things as p-BOM, but also exports to Databases and XML. Addtionally, you can use MS-Excel to BI-DIRECTIONALLY manage BOM component parameters (e.g., modify, create, delete, designate/un-designate) and rename Pro/E Models directly from within MS-Excel.




Web Site:



New member
You can output an assembly BOM to a text file which can then be read into Excel. In Assembly mode go to Info > Bill of Materials to create this file. This can contain your choice of parameters by using a bom.fmt file to define the output contents. Refer to BOM OUTPUT TO DELIMITED FILE in the CAD Administration area of this forum.


New member
If all you want is a decent looking printout of what parts are in the model, you can tailor the report to set column headings, line spacings, etc.



New member

use ProSolidFeatVisit to collect all components. Once you have the selection, it's easy to obtain all info like name, mass etc etc.



New member
You can insert these tables into your drawings and they will automatically fill in. Be sure that the assemby is active in the drawing file before inserting.

I'm not sure if you can export anything from them though.



New member
Funny how people always seem to suggest the most difficult ways to do things (e.g., export to text - then import into MS-Excel and spend the rest of your afternoon cleaning up the info). :)

If you were interested in a programatic approach - check out my latest article in the Jan/Feb Pro/E Mag about programatic assembly navigation. It is the foundation for anything like this. It is also a great example of how simple the p-Shell API is to use in these areas of Pro/E.



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