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assembly alterations


New member
I'm after a simple effective way to replace a componant in assembly mode when it is high up on the model tree and has many parts referenced to it. In fact it isn't a componant its a sub assembly which I'm trying to replace.

Was thinking along the lines of freezing all other companants references before replacing the assembly. Most of the companants do not need to move but I can't get around having to re reference them.

Very time consuming as I have made this booboo in all my assemblies of which there are many.

If anyone has any ideas then thanking you very much.


One way, may not be useful depending on what you are putting in. You can make a family table of the original assembly and then just replace by table.

The correct answer is either to use interchange assemblies to begin with or the best is to use Top Down mwthods startin with a skeleton. It's pretty much too late now. You will have to re reference the parts or start over.

Next time USE A SKELETON!!!! This is part of Large Assembly management and Top Down Design.


New member

Next time USE A SKELETON!!!! This is part of Large Assembly management and Top Down Design.


Unfortunately neither skeleton functionality or interchange assemblies are part of the Foundation (or Foundation II) package. I've started a new project and for exploring design alternatives have made heavy use of family tables so that different configurations of major systems can be easily swapped in and out. It works pretty well.

I don't really understand skeletons. Aren't they really just a special type of subassembly that resides at the top of the model tree and is not included in the BOM? It seems this could be fairly easily replicated with basic Pro/E functionality.

Bernie Hayden



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