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assembling punch part


New member
Basically trying to make a formedairvent in a sheetmetall part. I have produced the punched part ( a simple d-shape tool ) to form my vent but I can't seem to assemble my part into the sheetmetal part. My tool is just a saved part and not a UDF, is this were I am going wrong?

I have made a quick fix for now using a datum curve and sweeping a protrusion but I want to use the sheetmetal function. Ideas please...


New member
yes I am. I have placed it once but it was in the wrong orientation and I couldn't place it in the orientation that I wanted. I even changed the planes in my punch part but it fell over.


New member
Is this what you are looking for?

Origianlly the louver.prt had a small radius at the intersection of the form and base, but when assembling to the sheetmetal, it errored. Once the radius was removed it worked fine. You will notice when regenerating in the louver_test.prt it says it has overlapping geometry, true, but it works and looks fine.

Hope this helped.



New member
YEH thanks guys, useful site as ever. I have not had chance to try your solution but I think it will work as it has jump started a memory deep in my brain.

Many thanks


New member
<DIV>Hi all,</DIV>
<DIV>Can I show the dimensions of formed feature in the drawing?</DIV>
<DIV>(I can display the dim of form feature which are assembled,so my requirement is part feature dim of form tool)</DIV>
<DIV>I thankful to you well in advance.</DIV>


New member
>Can I show the dimensions of formed feature in the drawing?

Yes it should be doable. Query down "through" the form feature to get to the part that created the form.


New member
I gave up trying to show form dimensions years ago. Instead I would do
a drawing of the form tool but perhaps PTC have now added this
functionality to Pro/E.