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assembling components


New member
Hi, just wondering if there are other possibilities to insert components into an assembly. The method now (how i use it)is to choose the component by browsing trough several directories and then clicking onto the neccessary file.

Is it possible to drag components from one window into another?

Or if you are in the assembly mode and already have placed one component that u want to place a second time, can't you just click onto the needed component already in the assembly, to place it a second time?

I'm using pro-e 2001



New member
1. To simplify browsing in the assemble process you can setup bookmarks to the frequently used directories. In an Open window, browse to the selected direcotry, select Favorites icon and click Save Location. Next time you will assemble component from the same directory you could select Favorites from the Look In drop down menu and then desired directory or click Favorites icon and then Browse Favorites option.

2. Draging of components was made possible with the WF version of Pro/E.

3. When in an assembly mode where you already placed one component you want assemble again, you can repeat it.Click Component on right hand menu, then Adv Utils and Repeat. Now select previous part references you want to vary and deselect ones that are the same. Click Add and select new references on the assembly. This way you can add as many equal components as you have references available.BUT (there's always a but), you have to have first component (that you want to repeat) assembled with references/constraints other than "Default".