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Assemblies and interchange assemblies


New member
I have an assembly with various parts assembled via coordinate systems. There may be up to 15 or twenty parts in this assembly. I have a library of interchange assemblies, sorted by family. Example: In directory A, I have 30 parts in an interchange assembly. In directory B I have the same 30 parts, but they are a little different. Same with directory C, D, E, etc. All these parts are slightly different, which is why they are sorted by their directories.

In the master assembly I have a string parameter that I type in. By using pro/program, it will swap out these parts based on the string parameter. Each character in the string parameter is the name of the part it will swap out. Example: String parameter = ABCDE. It will put the parts ABCDE on the assembly. The parts are named A,B,C, D, E in all the interchange assemblies.

What I can
Why not name the parts differently. 1A, 2A, 3A and put them all in the same directory? Just a thought.


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