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As on Pro/User:Update: Wildfire Upgrade= major func. loss


New member
Update: I have been able to confirm that there are definitely multiple

companies affected by this loss. (to date 11 companies & 63 licenses) Most of these companies have been told

that they alone are in the situation.

If you currently have a Foundation level license and have access to Copy

Geom, Inheritence or Publish Geom features & haven't contacted me, please


If you are currently using 2001 & have been copying surfaces between

models, be aware that I have not been able to find a way to do so in

Wildfire with a Foundation Advantage license. This ability may be gone as

well (If anyone can do this, please let me know)

If you are on 2001 & are considering upgrading to Wildfire, please review

the post below from last week.

A warning to those currently on 2001. Upgrading to Wildfire 2003490 or

Wildfire 2.0 may cause you to lose valuable functionality. (access to COPY

GEOM tool)

In early 2003 builds of Pro/E 2001 & Wildfire, we discovered that the

combinations of this software & Wildfire level Foundation advantage

licenses permitted the creation of Copy Geometry features when the Insert

pull-down menu is used along with the Simplified Reps.

We upgraded to buildcode 2003490 of wildfire this month and found out that

this access to this functionality had disappeared. This is the first

build available after the timeout issue. When PTC was consulted regarding

this issue, we were informed that our ability to use this tool was an

accident and that very few others had noticed that the option was


PTC's proposed solution is for us to invest in extra licensing &

maintenence fees to restore an ability that we ALREADY HAD for nearly a

year until we updated to the latest & greatest For a 15 seat user base

(growing) this is an outrageous & shockingly greedy solution.

Please seriously consider the financial impact this move forward could

have on you.

Could those currently using this ability with Foundation licenses please

contact me, I'd like to have an idea how many have really been affected.

The assistance would be very much appreciated.
This post just proves, PRO-E STILL has the high allmighty attitude like past yrs, our company has been using ACAD inventor, but because my project is in Pro-E I am using that...Sure takes MORE effort and time to create EQUAL product....i wish we would switch over to solidworks!
Mgnt8: Actually it hasn't been discussed before. The Copy Geom creation ability WAS present so long as a Foundation Advantage (Wildfire) license existed until the Pro/Engineer code was changed.

Proe 2001 2002310, Wildfire 2002490 & 2003051 all display Copy Geom as a usable selection with a Foundation Advantage license. 2003490 & the last build released before the timeout don't.
I'm not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers or anything, I'm just saying that link has a workaround. I can tell by your posts that you're upset because of functionality changing. What are you proposing, we boycott Wildfire? We all switch to solidworks.

Are you orgainizing a petition?
Its a work-around of sorts for the topic, not a suitable one for us unfortunately.

I'm not really proposing anything, stay with what you have, switch, buy more software and then upgrade... what ever you want.

I'm just just trying to make sure that the rest of the user community is now aware of the situation. If we had been, we certainly would have timed our upgrade differently. I would hate for anyone else to end up with our current headache and be told that they are the only ones with the problem. Obviously that isn't true. (Current count 12 companies & 73 licenses, increased this topic opened)

I'm not upset by functionality changing, that's one thing. Functionality being activated and then removed with no warning or documentation that it was occurring in the middle of a release is entirely another.